Time place the main role in this method – eyelashes are applied in a sitting position for about 30 minutes. This is an excellent way for special occasions such as weddings, photo sessions, evening stylizations and it is also an alternative for ladies, who, for different reasons, do not decide for permanent eyelash extension. The effect lasts up to two weeks and the application itself is nice and quick. Eyelash extension with the use of Blink Express method is the quickest way of eyelash application. The time of the treatment is incomparably shorter towards the other methods of eyelash extension and thickening – you get spectacular eyelashes in not less than 30 minutes! Blink Lashes method consists in gluing on false eyelashes or clusters of eyelashes. One eye is given 60 – 100 individual eyelashes.

Blink Lashes is time-saving – the treatment lasts short and further filling in is not required. These pluses will be appreciated by ladies, who, for different reasons, cannot choose time-consuming treatments. We recommend Blink & Express mainly to stylists and visagistes. This method is well-suited for photo sessions.

The effect of Blink & Express method eyelash extension lasts shorter than in case of eyelash extension with the use of the other methods but it is also less expensive.

About Training Blink & Express:

  • Eyelash Extensions Technique (differences).
  • Health & safety
  • Contraindications
  • Treatment procedures & Equipment
  • All about glue
  • Products and methods for securing the lower eyelashes.
  • Styling, visual correction of the eye sharpe
  • Lid directions, correct lash directions
  • Safe removal of eyelash extensions
  • Live Model Practice
  • Certificate of completion of Blink&Express Training

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