They do not burden the natural line of eyelashes so a stylist can fill in even distinct losses of eyelashes. Application with the use of
4D-8D method consists in gluing on a mini fan of volume lashes. Depending on the client’s expectations, you can achieve different effects, from the natural highlighting of the eye and the extension of eyelashes to expressive, seductive or even defiant glance. The result that can be achieved with 4D – 8D method, depends on the number of eyelashes in the fan, their length and the type of curling.

  • Eyelash Extensions Technique (differences).
  • Health & safety
  • Contraindications
  • Treatment procedures & Equipment
  • All about glue
  • Products and methods for securing the lower eyelashes
  • Different techniques of making a perfect fan
  • Technique to cover places between natural eyelashes
  • Technique for attaching artificial eyelashes to natural ones
  • Mixing Curls
  • Styling, visual correction of the eye sharpe
  • Lid directions, correct lash directions
  • Safe removal of eyelash extensions
  • After care advise
  • How to work with clients
  • Live Model Practice
  • Certificate of completion of 4D-8D Training
  • About Training 4D-8D

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