Eyelash extension methods

Do you want to start your own adventure with eyelash extension? Do you have passion for cosmetology and intend to improve your skills? Find out which training is best for you? Trainings by Secret Lashes guarantee quality and above all, precision. Learning eyelash extension with us, you can be sure that you acquire new skills quickly and your clients will be satisfied with the performed treatments.

Everybody deciding for the training in putting on and extending eyelashes with the use of Secret Lashes method, we offer different methods of eyelash application:

1:1 method – gluing on „eyelash by eyelash” one false eyelash on one natural eyelash. This is the method for beginners.

2D:3D method – gluing two, three mink eyelashes on one natural eyelash. This is the introduction to the volume methods.

Volume Russian Style 4D-8D – the method of eyelash lengthening and thickening inspired by Russian volume techniques which consists in gluing on the mini fan of thin lashes. This is a revolutionary volume method.

Blink & Express – gluing on individual polyester and mink eyelashes. This technique allows to achieve quickly „Hollywood effect”, ideal for occasions and special events. It is also worth to use clusters of eyelashes with this method as they speed up the treatment. This method seems ideal for stylists and visagistes.

Eyebrow reconstruction and rebuilding – training in one or two methods in the package: the eyebrow hair method or the structural 3D dye method.

Lower lashes – in eye cosmetology we focus on upper lashes forgetting that in case of strong thickening of lower lashes, also a lower eyelid requires care. Highlighting it, we make an eye more distinctive and deepened thereby avoiding mascara crumbling or flowing and black smudges under eyes. Extending of lower eyelashes is the perfect way to make your glance more distinctive on more important occasions.

Kim Camellia training – eyelash lengthening with the use of the innovative volume method. This method consists in gluing on eyelashes of 3 different lengths on one strip.


The methods differ in terms of the material used and the final effect. The variety of types of eyelash extension applications makes it possible that each course participant will choose the method of application suitable for her and master it to perfection.

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