What is Lash Lifting?

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This is an unofficial hit in the beauty treatment market, one that achieves both a long-lasting curl and shape. It is intended for anyone who enjoys the eyelash curling effect produced by a curler.

Lash Lifting has been designed especially for women who do not apply eyelash extensions, yet want to achieve a long-lasting effect with their natural eyelashes and enhance the look of their eyes.

Eyelash lifting is a trend in the beauty industry, one that has taken beauty salons to become top of the most popular beauty treatments among women.

Longlasting effect

SL Lash Lifting Premium is the highest quality in eyelash lift kits, designed by professionals according to a cutting-edge formula. An eyelash lift gives a spectacular curl in no more than 60 minutes, while lasting for 6–8 weeks. Proper application guaranteed, with original Secret Lashes products.

Lash Lifting starter pack

Eyelash lift accessories contains:
A sachet with curling liquid
Eyelash lift glue
Soluble in water, no fumes and non-irritating
A sachet with perm liquid
SL Lash Lift Tool
An eyelash lifting tool for proper eyelash separation
Eyelash lift silicone pads (in 3 sizes)
A unique shape made of high-quality plastic
These help to achieve the desired curl effect
Easy to use a sachet with moisturising and regenerating liquid.

Before and after effect

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