What is Secret Lashes method?

It is a professional method of eyelash extension. Eyelashes are glued on individually, one on one; they are light and they look and behave like real eyelashes. Painless and relaxing procedure takes from 60 to 180 minutes. Eyelashes are waterproof so you can bath or swim with them on; they also remain untouched under the influence of heat. You do not need to put make-up on them.

Are Secret Lashes safe?

The application performed with Secret Lashes products by the personnel trained in our institute is completely safe. The life cycle of a single eyelash lasts approx. 2.5 months and a new one growth in its place. That is why human eyelashes continuously regrow. Additionally, Secret Lashes are eyelashes and glues of the highest quality, which give the effect without any adverse consequences. Secret Lashes application is painless, it does not does not affect the condition of eyelids and eyelashes.

Are Secret Lashes of good quality?

Secret Lashes are the products of the highest quality. Our eyelashes are produced of silk with synthetic admixture providing permanence and the proper profile of an eyelash. Secret Lashes have the variety of eyelashes of different shape, thickness and length to create the more natural look of an eye. The glue used for Secret Lashes application is safe, does not leave any traces and is entirely invisible.

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