1:1 eyelash extension method consists in precise gluing on each, individual eyelash on its false or natural counterpart. Thanks to this application, the glance gets more expressive, eyes are optically enlarged and eyelashes become nicely lengthened and thickened with simultaneous natural effect of 1 to 1 method treatment. All interested in getting to know 1:1 eyelash extension method secrets are welcomed to professional trainings organized by Secret Lashes.

Day 1

  • Eyelash Extensions Technique (differences).
  • Health & safety
  • Contraindications
  • Treatment procedures & Equipment
  • All about glue
  • Products and methods for securing the lower eyelashes.
  • Separation
  • Technique for attaching artificial eyelashes to natural ones.
  • Eyelash directionality.
  • Styling, visual correction of the eye sharpe
  • Lid directions, correct lash directions
  • Safe removal of eyelash extensions
  • After care advise
  • How to work with clients
  • Practice on the head of the manikin
  • Live Model Practice

Day 2

  • Live Model Practice
  • Certificate of completion of 1:1 Training

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