Are you looking for a professional partner with a complete offer in eyelash styling?

The unique package of benefits for cooperating entities:

  • Considerable profit from the activity in the business branch of the most dynamically developing product segment – innovative eyelash styling;
  • Products of the highest quality on offer, which guarantees satisfaction of salon clients all over the world;
  • Strong and recognizable position on the market;
  • Complete package of distribution offer;
  • Flexibility within the potential cooperation;
  • Beneficial partner programmes;
  • Qualified teaching staff and training support for the client;

The exemplary simulation of the monthly turnover assuming the cost of gel pads 15 PLN per item.

Cena aplikacji1 aplikacja dziennie2 aplikacje dziennie3 aplikacje dziennie
300 zł7 200 zł12 000 zł16 800 zł
500 zł14 400 zł24 000 zł33 600 zł
700 zł21 600 zł36 000 zł50 400 zł

We invite to cooperation!
Secret Lashes Team

Complete offer package

While cooperating with Secret Lashes you do not need to seek other suppliers. We supply our contractors with all types of eyelashes, accessories and complementary products as well as the equipment necessary for professional work.

Partner programmes

Each of our partners is treated individually and they receive the offer perfectly tailored to their needs. We have very favourable pricing policy, and we offer promotional and re-selling actions for our regular clients.

What distinguishes us is the high quality of products and services as well as the rich choice of luxurious, proven materials recommended by thousands of satisfied consumers around the world.

Our eyelashes are characterized by:

  • Maintaining permanent curl, even if the eyelashes are wet (curled, eyelash ends distinctly upward towards eyebrows, not straight-horizontal);
  • Easiness in maintaining proper hygiene: you can easily remove fat, dust, dirt and make-up residue;
  • Perfect smoothness; they “do not attract” or accumulate dirt;
  • Profiled thin endings ideally imitating natural eyelashes.

Wholesale cooperation:, +48 505 615 303

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